Football Standout T.J. Thorpe Joins HighSchoolOT Team

The T.J. Thorpe Show

Capitol Broadcasting has signed Durham native and former college and pro football player T.J. Thorpe to an agreement to be a HSOT Football Analyst this year.  As part of that, Thorpe will host his own show, “The T.J. Thorpe Show,” which will be on HSOT, WRALSports+ and the CBC Podcast Network.  He will also co-host HSOT Honors and HSOT Live with WRAL Digital Senior Editor Nick Stevens and be an expert analyst throughout the football season this fall.

“T.J. has a big time football resume and is a Durham native,” said Stevens.  “We covered him on HSOT and on ‘Football Friday’ when he was in high school, so it’s full circle for him and us!”

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“We’re excited about this,” said Stevens.  “T.J. is awesome…probably the funniest person I have ever known.”

Thanks to HighSchoolOT’s Nick Stevens for this Capcom scoop & photo.

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