WRAL-TV’s Brain Game Wraps Season 26

Tune in to watch the final show of Brain Game‘s 26th season on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at noon on WRAL-TV.

WRAL-TV Local Production Producer Scott Reid wrote this Capcom story about the wrap of the 26th season of WRAL-TV’s Brain Game.
***SPOILER ALERT: The winner of Season 26 is revealed near the bottom of the story. Shhhh…Don’t tell until after May 14!***

Brain Game Season 26 Finale
Students compete via Zoom for WRAL-TV’s Brain Game Season 26 finals: East Chapel Hill High School and Enloe High School students with Brain Game Host Mark Roberts in the center.

Are you smarter than a 12th grader (where’s Jeff Foxworthy when you need him,)

Brain Game season 26 is in the books!

Can you answer any of these questions?

From Crunching Numbers:
If a and b are consecutive odd integers and their product is 783, then what is their sum?     

Or from Across America:
Maine is bordered to the northeast by what Canadian province that includes Saint John and the Bay of Fundy?

Or from Globetrotting (the last question of the season):
We must part after this answer. What body of water separates northern Africa from the Arabian Peninsula?

The players get a few seconds to come up with an answer. They answer MOST of the questions correctly.  Are questions tough?  YES, but no worries, these young women and men are SHARP!

The season began in September 2021 with rehearsals. Once again, this season was built virtually. Each show was recorded with teams on Zoom.  Brain Game host, former WRAL news anchor/reporter, and all-around fun guy Mark Roberts led the Zoom feed by asking all the questions.  A panel of judges were always listening, giving points to each team for correct answers, as well as taking points away for incorrect answers.

Tresa Jalot and Mark Roberts
Behind the scenes of WRAL-TV’s “Brain Game” Season 26: Coordinating Producer Tresa Jalot and Host Mark Roberts at a recent taping.

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on for each show.  Tresa Jalot (coordinating producer) and the judges create the questions, then send them to the Local Production team who creates a PowerPoint presentation that the players see on their Zoom feed.  Each team is recorded on a separate feed, then placed in breakout rooms for the final Gloebtrotting question. Once play is completed, Mark’s audio and the show wraps/standups have to be recorded. Then, all of the video and audio is edited.  Finally, the segments are sent to master control for closed-captioning and prepped for air.  There were 24 new half-hour shows produced this year.

Another question:
Born Ricardo Reyes Basoalto, what Chilean poet’s works include The Heights of Machu Picchu and Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair?

***SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading HERE if you don’t want to know the Season 26 winner yet.***

The champion of this season’s Brain Game was East Chapel Hill High School.  They beat a very talented Enloe High School team in the finals. Their epic showdown (the final show of the season) will air Saturday, May 14.

Season 26 marks the end of Brain Game for Tresa (former WRAL news employee) and her 15-year run as the show’s coordinating producer. She has been amazing!  Thank you, Tresa, for a job well done! That’s a wrap! See you in September for another season (year 27) of Brain Game!

Wondering about the answers to the questions?

  • Answers:   56, New Brunswick, the Red Sea, Pablo Neruda.

Give yourself a pat-on-the-back for getting any or all of the questions correct!

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Scott Reid for this Capcom story & for these Capcom photos.

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