CBC Cares Ukraine Continues with Highlights from CBC Divisions

Every Capitol Broadcasting division is taking part in a CBC Cares effort to highlight the agencies and organizations supporting Ukraine.  From parking lot flags and massive banners, to fountains and towers glowing blue and yellow, to a social media takeover—our message is clear—WE STAND WITH UKRAINE.

For 5 days, beginning yesterday, on WRAL-TV and WRAL.com, we are spotlighting vetted non-profits working to help the people of Ukraine. We invite our community to join us in supporting Ukraine. 

Today, Thursday, May 19, CBC Cares highlights Heart to Heart as we continue to showcase non-profits supporting the people of Ukraine.

Heart to Heart International ships medical supplies and medical aid to hospitals and clinics around the country. They accept monetary donations to support that effort and offer opportunities for people to volunteer, including from the United States, to assemble hygiene kits to be sent to refugees.

Find additional vetted ways to help support Ukraine, and avoid getting scammed, on WRAL.com:

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