Guess Who is the Secret Celebrity to Win Free Money on MIX 101.5

MIX 101.5 Secret Celebrity

Prepare yourself to start winning!

Beginning Tuesday, May 31, every weekday at 8:05am, 9:05am, 1:05pm and 4:05pm MIX 101.5 will play a voice of a secret celebrity. When you hear it, text keyword “CASH” to (919) 860-1015 within 10 minutes for your chance to guess the celebrity. MIX will chose one random person to ‘guess who’ and if you get it right – you win money instantly.

The jackpot starts at $250 cash. If a contestant misses the guess, MIX will add another $50 each time and keep building it until someone reveals the secret celebrity to win it all. And listen to MIX online, on your smart speaker, or through our mobile app for an additional clue each weekday at 11am that changes daily to help you uncover ‘who is it’ even faster.

Secret Celebrity from MIX 101.5, the variety that makes you feel good.

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***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families are not eligible to win WRAL-FM contests.***

Thanks to WRAL-FM for this Capcom story & graphic.

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