“HSOT Live” and WRAL’s “Football Friday” Set for Season Debut Tonight

HSOT Live & Football Friday Kick-off 2019

The ball is teed up for the season debut of CBC’s HighSchoolOT Live and WRAL-TV’s Football Friday on the first official night of the 2022 high school football season.  Some games jumped ahead and were played last night due to the pending inclement weather, but full coverage broadcasts begin tonight, Friday, August 19.

“We are in the home stretch preparing for the most busy and fun season of the year!” said WRAL-TV News Producer Kelly Riner.  “We’d love for the weather forecast to ease up on the rain forecast though!”

A big team is poised and raring to go, from the control room to the sidelines.

“We’ve got a huge number of HSOT employees on-boarded and ready to shoot football games,” said Riner.  “This is such a wonderful entry level job to get a feel for TV, sports coverage, and the newsroom atmosphere. I’m thrilled to work with these young folks who are so eager to get started.”

And a team is ready to be in front of the camera as well.

“Chris Lea will begin his second FULL season anchoring Football Friday and we look forward to another great season… honoring the legendary show Tom Suiter started 42 years ago!” said Riner.

HSOT Live has a new player to welcome into the huddle.

“We’re excited to be back for another season of HSOT Live,” said WRAL Digital Director of Marketing Laura Worthington.  “Former college and pro football player T.J. Thorpe joins HighSchoolOT’s Nick Stevens to host the Friday night show starting at 7 p.m. on the HighSchoolOT app or wherever you stream WRAL. This year, that will include WRAL Sports+ as well. Individual game streams will also be available online and in the app.”

Riner is enthusiastic about the addition.

“TJ’s energy on the projects we’ve done so far is incredible, and I’m excited to work with him more,” said Riner.  “And, of course, he’ll have the best co-anchor in Nick. No one knows more about high school sports than Nick and it’s always an honor to be part of any project with him.”

Watch some of the best high school football games across North Carolina every Friday night on HighSchoolOT Live. Commercial-free coverage begins at 7 p.m. on HighSchoolOT.com and the free HighSchoolOT app.

Tune in to WRAL-TV at 11:35pm on Fridays for Football Friday.

The action begins on Friday, August 19, and Riner is ready with brand new shoes with tiny footballs on them.  The commitment to football begins in the control room!

football shoes
When asked if she is ready for the debut of “HSOT Live” and “Football Friday” this week, WRAL-TV News Producer Kelly Riner said, “You betcha! I got some new shoes with tiny footballs on them.”


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