April 8, 2022 Spring Blooming in the WRAL Gardens

Spring blooms are exploding all over the WRAL Azalea Gardens.  From tulips to the signature azaleas, the gardens are ariot with color.  Take a look at the colorful landscape in these photos from Wednesday, April 6, 2022.  The gardens are read more

April 7, 2022 WRAL Photojournalist Flies High Over Dreamville

WRAL-TV New Photographer 2 Richard Adkins had a unique vantage point for the Dreamville Festival at Dix Park on Saturday, April 2, 2022.    You might say he was in the nosebleed section, but definitely not the cheap seats. Adkins was read more

April 5, 2022 MIX in Space

The MIX Mornings team now has a new claim to fame.  They have floated in zero gravity…in outer space! “We befriended UNC Professor Jim Kitchen before his trip to space,” explained WRAL-FM Morning Show Personality Kyle Smelser.  “We knew he read more

April Fool’s Fun at American Tobacco

American Tobacco teamed up with Discover Durham for a little collaboration prank on April Fool’s Day.  Every wondered what’s really in the Lucky Strike water tower?  Well, now you know.  Wink, wink.  Check it out: American Tobacco Campus Tower Filled read more