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  • 2619 Western Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27606
  • PHONE: 919.821.8555
  • NEWS FAX: 919.919.8541


wralbutton5 (1)As the first VHF television station in Raleigh, NC, WRAL-TV immediately began setting high standards of broadcasting with news excellence, quality local programming and service to the community.

Located on Western Boulevard, only a few miles from downtown Raleigh, WRAL-TV has been awarded nationally for its public service promotions, local programming and news reporting.


Hurricane FlorenceWRAL-TV first went on the air December 15, 1956 with a message from CBC founder A.J. Fletcher saying, “Information to which the public is entitled will be given without bias or favor. Only in this way can our people make an intelligent choice on these issues affecting our welfare.”  Immediately following his words setting the tone for the station’s future, viewers settled in to watch “Miracle on 34th Street” in their living rooms. Since then, viewers all over central North Carolina have been watching. Through affiliations with NBC, ABC, CBS, and now NBC again WRAL-TV is consistently ranked as one of the top local stations in the country.

WRAL-TV was the first TV station in the state and one of the first in the nation to purchase a helicopter for our newsgathering efforts in June of 1979. WRAL-TV then added the area’s first team of professional TV meteorologists in 1982 and joined stations in Charlotte and Greensboro in 1983 to form the Carolina News Network — one of the nation’s first regional TV news networks. In 1984, WRAL became the first TV station in the state and the second in the nation to use a KU-band transportable uplilnk vehicle, or “satellite truck,” allowing WRAL News to be broadcast from anywhere.

In 1989, WRAL-TV’s 2,000-foot tower collapsed after a severe ice storm, taking the station off the air. With the help of Fayetteville’s WKFT, Channel 40, WRAL-TV was back on the air only three hours after the collapse. WRAL began broadcasting from a new, more stable tower on October 25, 1990. The new 2,000-foot tower became the heaviest transmitting tower in the world, weighing in at about 723 tons, and the tallest man-made structure east of the Mississippi River.

WRAL entered the digital age in 1995, launching WRAL OnLine (now WRAL.com), the area’s first local TV web site. The site is one of the nation’s most honored local news web sites.

WRAL became the nation’s first commercial station to broadcast a high-definition signal on July 23, 1996. During that month, WRAL-HD, Channel 32, signed on the air. The newly-christened WRAL-DT began broadcasting at full power on its permanent home on March 24, 2000 and soon became the first station in the nation to begin broadcasting a data channel to personal computer users.

On Jan. 28, 2001, WRAL became the world’s first high-definition TV newsgathering operation with the debut of the station’s all-digital HD newsroom.

On Feb. 29, 2016, NBC once again joined the WRAL family as WRAL-TV officially became an NBC affiliate again.


  • NC Associated Press Broadcaster’s Association, Outstanding News Operation, 2011
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, Continuing Coverage, 2011
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, Newscast, 2011
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, News Documentary “On the Edge,” 2011
  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Nashville/MidSouth Emmy Award, News Excellence, 2011
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, Overall Excellence, 2009
  • NC Associated Press Broadcaster’s Association, Outstanding News Operation, 2009
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, News Documentary “Love Child,” 2008
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, Videography, 2008
  • Radio Television Digital News Association Edward R. Murrow Award, News Writing, 2008


At WRAL-TV, we recognize and accept excellence as a fundamental goal of our television station. It is our inherent desire to be the best local television station in the country. We commit to the highest standards of excellence in our local news, entertainment, information and public service programming. Essential to that effort is a foundation of honesty and integrity — qualities which help us earn and build trust with our viewers, co-workers and business partners.

Accuracy and fairness are the cornerstones of our local news effort. As A.J. Fletcher said in 1956, “…to inform the public without bias or favor is this station’s highest duty.” We build upon that foundation by being solution-oriented in our news coverage, offering viewers helpful information and providing context to the stories that affect our viewers’ lives. We provide a balance of all kinds of news about all aspects of life, emphasizing people’s successes as well as their failures.

We recognize that hard work and creativity are our greatest assets. We seek to attract and retain the very best people at every level. We are open to positive change and innovation, with each of us continually working to expand our willingness to take responsibility, and be accountable for our actions.

WRAL-TV is strongly committed to the communities we serve. Public service is an important part of what we do every day, and we encourage our employees to be active participants in the process. We want to be an integral part of our viewers’ lives, and we realize that community involvement is at the core of who we are and what we do.

We operate with a genuine team spirit, treating each other with respect and encouragement. We seek to build upon each other’s ideas, making decisions based upon what’s best for our customers and our company. In this same spirit, WRAL-TV strives to provide financial prosperity to our company, our business partners and our families.


Joel Davis
“There is an amazing number that helps explain the key strength of WRAL-TV, FOX 50 and WRAL.com: 38% of our employees have been here 25 years or longer. Our people come to this company because of the unusual commitment Capitol Broadcasting has to our local community, and they stay because of the quality journalism and work environment we strive to create every day. We are privileged to serve the people who live in our 23 county viewing area. Viewers often hear that WRAL News provides ‘Coverage YOU Can Count On’ and we take that mission seriously. Our goal is to provide lifesaving information in times of severe weather, along with the best and most original reporting in the region. By having the largest team of reporters, we hope you’ll see the difference in our products: More stories broken by our team, and the depth and perspective you need to provide context on complicated matters. Thank you for trusting WRAL to be the #1 source for news.”
– Joel Davis, WRAL-TV and FOX 50 Vice President and General Manager, jdavis@wral.com, (919) 821-8510