CBCers Participate in Health Fair

CBCers Participate in Health Fair

Every spring in Raleigh, CBC presents Health Fair, the company’s annual health screening and wellness program. All employees and their spouses are encouraged to participate. In Charlotte and Durham, CBC conducts Health Fair later in the year.

Weather Center Meteorologist Brian Orzel completes his health questionnaire as he waits for his Health Fair appointment.

Health Fair consists of three phases. During phase I, participants are given a blood and body fat analysis, blood pressure, height and weight check, stress assessment and a vision screening. As part of phase I, every participant must fill out a health questionnaire. Results from phase I are given to employees during phase II.

A vision screening is one of the tests in phase I of Health Fair.

During phase II, all participants meet one-on-one with a health professional from Wake Medical Center Healthworks to review their results. They also receive suggestions on how to improve their overall health.

Bonnie Southard, Microspace, makes an appointment to receive her Health Fair results.

During Phase III employees have the opportunity to receive a physical exam with physicians at Wake Medical Center. The tests include breast exams, mammograms, pap smears, prostate exams, ophthalmology testing and pulmonary function screenings. Results from these tests are given to each individual’s personal physician. Fitness programs are available for employees at Wake Medical Center. Employees who seek more information should contact CBC Corporate Human Resources.

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