WRAL-FM Wins a Gold Medallion Award

WRAL-FM Wins a Gold Medallion Award

A fall 1996 WRAL-FM sales promotion, “Piece of the Pie”, posed a question to the Triangle. “When your recipe works, why change it?” “Piece of the Pie” won the Gold Medallion Award at the 1997 Promax Conference in Chicago.

Promax is an annual international conference for promotion and marketing executives in the electronic media, including radio, television and cable. The Gold Medallion Award is their highest award. This marks the third year that WRAL-FM has won this award.

“There is one station you can count on to continue to be as consistent and reliable as mom and apple pie.”

As part of this award winning promotion, WRAL-FM staffers sent a packet along with an apple pie to area businesses promoting the stability and reliability of WRAL-FM. “Mix 101.5 has had the same call letters, ownership and format for close to 24 years. No matter how you slice it, we continue to satisfy the tastes and needs of the Triangle listeners. That’s our recipe for success, try a slice.”

Congratulations to everyone in the WRAL-FM Sales and Promotions departments who worked on this award winning promotion.

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