CBCers Attend Fire Prevention Class

CBCers Attend Fire Prevention Class

Human Resources sponsored a Fire Prevention Seminar and Lunch for CBC employees. During the class, employees learned about fire: how it works, how it spreads, what to do in case you have one in your home, and how to help prevent a fire from starting.

It only took around 2 minutes for the living room shown in the video to burst into flames.

The class began with an eye-opening short video that showed the inside of a house being engulfed in flames. The video helped correct numerous misconceptions about fire and how much time you have before it spreads.

John White reinforces the necessity of multiple smoke detectors in the home.

A fter the video, John White, a Fire Service Instructor with the Chapel Hill Fire Department, answered questions about a wide range of topics, including smoke detectors and escape routes and reinforced the messages brought forth in the video. Everyone who attended walked away with a good lunch and plenty of food for thought about fire prevention in their own homes.

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