Unwelcome Tenants at WJZY

Unwelcome Tenants at WJZY

Bob Kerby, Broadcast Operator at WJZY-UPN 46 in Charlotte, NC, removed two unwanted visitors from the WJZY office building recently. It seems that two 5 to 6 ft. black snakes decided the building would make a great place for a nest.

The saga began when Promotion Supervisor Duncan Brown heard some strange noises in the ceiling over his desk. He ran out of his office, trying to find some brave soul to investigate. Fortunately, he found Bob Kerby, who got out a ladder and flashlight. After removing a few ceiling tiles and poking his head up through the hole in the ceiling, he came face to face with two very upset snakes. It seems they were “in a loving embrace” and were not to happy when their love nest was disturbed. Undaunted, Bob grabbed the snakes and released them back in the woods near the station.

Today, everyone is still a little cautious: every noise making them wonder… what is it? Jacqueline Draper, Business Manager, thought she heard something in her office the other day. She was really upset, and when Bob came to her office, he found her on top of her desk trying to get out of her office. After a thorough investigation, he gave her the “all clear.” Draper is on vacation this week, but rumor has it she will be negotiating with another manager to switch offices.

A special thanks to Bob for being so brave while everyone else ran away!

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