Web Site Chosen One of the Best in the Nation

Web Site Chosen One of the Best in the Nation

The digital television (DTV) countdown is on. In less than a year, folks at home will finally be watching High Definition television (HDTV) from the comfort of their homes. What is HDTV? Well, just hop on the Internet and see for yourself. WRAL-HD’s web site leads the nation as the perfect place for help.

In the January 12th issue of Electronic Media, WRAL-HD was officially named one of the top twenty-five sites to surf for answers to digital television. “It’s a useful site because it has a lot to say, but doesn’t go over the heads of its viewers,” says writer Russell Shaw. Shaw’s top 25 list chose sites that contained the latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rulings, digital supply vendors, and basic information for viewers. WRAL-HD was one of three commercial broadcast stations to make the list.

With receivers hitting the market this fall, viewers will have plenty of questions regarding the future of their television sets. WRAL-HD offers basic technical information, a visual comparison, and answers to some frequently asked questions. You can explore their homepage at www.wral-hd.com.

The first commercial station in the nation to transmit a HDTV signal, WRAL-HD continues to broadcast HDTV daily with its experimental license issued by the FCC.

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