WRAL-HD Brings High Definition Television to Wilson


September 17 , 1998
For additional information contact:
Susan Dahlin, 919-790-5720

WRAL-HD Brings High Definition Television to Wilson

Raleigh, NC — On Saturday, September 26th WRAL-HD will be at the Parkwood Mall in Wilson, NC from 10:00am until 1:00pm to demonstrate High Definition television (HDTV) to the public. Special Projects Marketing Manager, Susan Dahlin, will do the presentation on a 50-inch plasma screen that hangs on a wall like a picture. Dahlin works for Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc., owners of WRAL-HD – the first station in the nation to transmit HDTV picture and sound.

Currently, there are no receivers available for the public to purchase. The first sets are expected to be in stores by next month. In the meantime, Dahlin’s traveling HDTV show is giving television viewers an opportunity to see HDTV’s amazing quality and learn more about the digital convergence first hand.

“In order to speed the transition to HDTV, we must work together as an industry — promoting the new technology, inviting people to see it and answering questions”, says James F. Goodmon, Chief Executive Officer and President of Capitol. “WRAL-HD is doing everything it can to make people aware of HDTV and its superior quality.”

Congress has mandated broadcasters to convert from their current analog signals to digital transmissions in a timeline that extends through the year 2006. However, most analysts believe that date will be extended until 85% of the households are in possession of an HDTV receiver. WRAL-HD currently broadcasts an HDTV signal on its experimental channel #32. However, viewers cannot pick up the HDTV picture until receivers hit the market this fall.

This summer, WRAL’s HDTV demonstration on wheels has traveled to the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville and the Cary Towne Center. It will also be on display in WRAL-TV’s booth at the State Fair during the week of October 16-25th.

Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. is a diversified communications company which owns and/or operates WRAL-TV, WRAL-Digital, WRAL-FM, Microspace, the North Carolina News Network, DTV Plus, Wolfpack Sports Marketing, and Capitol Sports Management in Raleigh, NC; WJZY-TV and WFVT-TV in Charlotte, NC; WILM-TV in Wilmington, NC; WRAZ-TV and the Durham Bulls Baseball Club in Durham, NC; and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Baseball Club in Myrtle Beach, SC; Capitol Broadcasting Company also founded Local TV on Satellite in Raleigh, NC.

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