Myrtle Beach Pelicans Announce Stadium Name

Myrtle Beach Pelicans Announce Stadium Name

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans announced a new baseball partnership with Coastal Federal Credit Union. The new stadium, which will be ready for play on April 12, 1999, will be called, Coastal Federal Field. However, it has already been dubbed, “The Fed” by the Sun News, the local newspaper.

The Pelicans and Coastal Federal have entered into a 10 year partnership. The Pelicans General Manager Steve Malliet said, “It’s more than just naming rights— we want people to look at us the same way they look at Coastal Federal.” Malliet feels this partnership is a good fit as Coastal is a local business with strong leadership and similar business beliefs.

The Pelicans have hit Myrtle Beach like a hurricane, and they haven’t even played a single game there yet. Season tickets have sold out, and there have been over 100,000 season tickets sold in season ticket packages for the 1999 season. That does not leave a lot of seating options left, including group reservations and individual seats. The Pelicans urge fans to get their tickets as soon as possible. It is almost guaranteed that these will be the hottest tickets in town this summer.

The Sun News anticipates that tickets won’t be the only hot item to come from the Pelicans this summer. They feel that the Pelicans will replace the Hard Rock Cafe as the logo of choice for tourists strolling around town.

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