In a Galaxy Not So Far Away, MIX 101.5 Contest Goes National

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away, MIX 101.5 Contest Goes National

MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM’s morning show co-hosts, Bill Jordan and Schatzie, aired a challenge the week of April 19 to their listeners: $1000 to anyone who would agree to legally change their name to Obi-Wan Kenobi. After receiving numerous calls, they selected Jennifer Briggs, a Language Arts teacher at Cary Academy. “I saw Star Wars when I was seven years old in 1977 and it has been my favorite movie ever since. I even teach a Star Wars unit here at Cary Academy as a wrap-up for our larger unit on the mythological hero’s journey. The hero of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, is very similar to famous literary heroes from Greek myths and Arthurian legend,” said Briggs. Her personal favorite character is Darth Vader, because he returns to goodness after many years tempted by the Dark Side.

What started as an on-air promotion, is now getting national attention. The Associated Press has circulated the story coast to coast. EXTRA plans to be on-site Monday, when Briggs will go to the Durham County Court House to officially make the name change. Briggs and MIX 101.5 have also received calls from other nationally syndicated shows, such as, The Leeza Show, The Roseanne Show, Rosie O’Donnell and various television stations, radio stations and newspapers across the country.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the recent development that the Durham’s clerk of court, Jim Carr, said he won’t allow the change to happen because there is not a good enough reason. Then on Friday, April 30, the News and Observer Newspaper reported that Carr changed his tune a little by adding that he would allow the change as long as Jennifer promises under oath to change her driver’s license, Social Security, and bank accounts.

The final chapter of this drama will unfold on Monday afternoon (May 3) when Briggs plans to provide the requested affidavit and show up at the Durham courthouse in full Jedi regalia to complete her mission. May the force be with her …

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