Project Tanzania 1985-2000, The Zanzibar Doors Dedication Dance Ceremony

Project Tanzania 1985 – 2000
The Zanzibar Doors Dedication Dance Ceremony

Project Tanzania was an ongoing effort to help people in the East African nation of Tanzania overcome the effects of hunger, drought, and poverty. It was a way for North Carolinians to make a difference in the lives of people in the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania through contributions, personal involvement, and better understanding.

On Thursday, February 24, 2000, this magnificent door was dedicated during a spectacular ceremony held in Exploris, where the doors will remain. The Ceremony included an introduction of board members and special guests, a prayer of dedication, and an authentic african dedication dance performed by the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble from Durham, NC.

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Drums announce the arrival of the dancers.

Chuck Davis leads his dancers out of the doors

The dancers pass through the doors dressed in authentic costumes.
Each member of the group danced in and around the audience.
The dedication dance concluded as the dancers honored Joan Baron and Paul Pope.

Chuck Davis dedicates the doors through a traditional dance.

The Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble.

The costumes are very colorful.

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