Saulsby Writes Article For Oak Ranch

Saulsby Writes Article For Oak Ranch

Pam Saulsby
WRAL-TV News Anchor

WRAL-TV News Anchor Pam Saulsby recently wrote an article for the Summer 2000, edition of the Oak Ranch newsletter, “treehouse.” Located in Sanford, North Carolina, Oak Ranch is a Christian home for troubled, abused or neglected children, ages 6 to 16, who need a stronger family support system. Saulsby has been on the Board of Directors for this Ranch since early October 1999.

Serving on the Oak Ranch Board is an extension of her dedication to improving the lives of children. Saulsby does a weekly report on WRAL-TV which

features different foster children. Entitled, “Wednesday’s Child,” the segment is one of many ways that she carries out her love and concern for children. Saulsby also reports for the WRAL news series “For the Children,” which focuses on enhancing children’s lives.

Capitol Broadcasting has other ties of its own to Oak Ranch. CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon and his wife, Barbara, serve on the Board of Advisors, as do A.J. Fletcher Foundation Board Member Clyde Collins and his wife, Dorothy. Barbara and Jim Goodmon are also both Fletcher Foundation Board Members. The Foundation gave a grant of $25,000 to the Ranch as a part of its recent focus on new and emerging non-profits. The “treehouse” cited the Foundation as supporting “development programs, reasoning that strength in these areas create the best hope for the self-sufficiency of non-profit organizations, and thus for greater service to the people of North Carolina.”

This article ran in the Summer 2000 edition of the Oak Ranch “tree house” newsletter.
Reprinted with permission of Oak Ranch:

Why I Believe in Oak Ranch
By Pam Saulsby

I have worked as a broadcast journalist for more than 20 years, and in that time I have seen extraordinary examples all over America of human triumph and human tragedy. I have seen up close and personal, the worst and the best in people’s spirit.

However, nothing pains my heart more than documenting the suffering of children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in situations of deep despair, distress, and discord… children in the midst of some raging storms.

I am haunted by the hopelessness that seems to grip too many children’s lives… and I am filled with compassion.

Presently, I report on matters related to children. Once a week, I profile the cases of children in the foster care system who need permanent homes with loving and nurturing adoptive families. Further, I research and produce reports on people and programs that are making good things happen for children in North Carolina.

I am associated with charities and organizations that are dedicated to making a brighter future possible for kids.

I feel, however, a need to do more.

Early this year, I aligned myself with the Oak Ranch project. I believe that it is something God has laid on my heart.

The Oak Ranch project hopes to provide a family atmosphere for children who have never had one, a healing environment that restores those critical things too many children are missing: love, attention, guidance, support, direction, monitoring, supervision, correction, and discipline.

Oak Rank stands as a possibility of powerful breakthroughs and transformations in the lives of children.

I believe all children are diamonds. Loving, precious gifts from God. Our obligation to them is sacred.

Oak Ranch is a harbor for children tossing in life’s storms on tiny boats, without survival gear. Oak Ranch will stand to give children the anchor of faith, the rudder of hope, the sails of education, and the paddles of family to keep them going when life’s seas get rough.

I am 100 percent committed to making Oak Ranch a reality.


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