DTV Plus Featured In Electronic Media

DTV Plus Featured In Electronic Media

One of CBC’s newest subsidiaries, DTV Plus, has once again garnered the spotlight in industry publication Electronic Media. The magazine published Jennie Phipps’ article “Datacasting warming up with weather connection” in its November 13 issue.

The article focuses on one of the latest steps in the DTV Plus evolution. DTV Plus generated the idea to push weather data through the airwaves along with the other information already traveling digitally to the home computers of the now over 200 volunteers in its pilot program. The program is a joint experiment among, a weather information provider, DTV Plus and WRAL-TV.

Phipps cited DTV Plus Vice President and General Manager Sam Matheny as saying that “weather is a natural use for this technology because it is essential to so many stations and users.” Phipps quoted Matheny directly in saying, “‘Delivering weather this way is a great way for a station to extend its local brand.'”

As the attention in Electronic Media shows, DTV Plus is making headway in its field. As further evidence, DTV Plus played a significant role in the recent NCEITA 21 Communications Company of the Year Award bestowed upon Capitol Broadcasting Company. DTV Plus is one of the many innovative technologies being explored by the Triangle communications dynamo.

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