WRAL-FM Picks Up Political Signs

WRAL-FM Picks Up Political Signs

WRAL-FM Accounting Manager Bobbie Gray will be writing $50 checks for a while. That’s thanks to MIX 101.5’s ingenious promotion to rid the Triangle of political signs two days after Election Day. The radio station offered listeners $1 per sign up to 50 signs to collect political signs from yards and roadsides.

Promotion Manager Mary Hallow brought $3,000 cash with her to North Hills Mall for the promotion, but only expected about 2,000 signs to be hauled in. When the MIX Early Show arrived at the mall at 6:00am (the

MIX 101.5 collected over 20,000 politica signs at North Hills Mall last Thursday.

The radio station gave away $3,000 in cash on the spot and wrote IOUs for checks to mailed out to all others.

promotion was to run from 7:00am – 10:00am) over 200 people were already lined up with signs in tow. About 20,000 signs later, the MIX staff was taking names and addresses after the cash ran out. Checks will be written and mailed to those who got there after the cash supply was drained.

CBC Property Management came to the rescue when the wood chipper gave up on grinding the signs. Gil Decker and his staff took 20 truckloads and 10 trailers full of signs to the dump on Thursday, the day of the promotion, and still carried more to the dump the following day.

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