The Healing Place Opens Its Doors

The Healing Place Opens Its Doors

As of Monday, January 15, 2001, the Healing Place of Wake County is open for business. And that business is helping area homeless who are substance abusers to kick the habit and return to society as productive citizens. On budget and ahead of schedule, the Healing Place includes a homeless shelter and recovery center and is based on a successful program in Louisville, Kentucky. Capitol Broadcasting

Company has been a vocal advocate and supporter of the center since the idea for the project first arose.

The Healing Place now has a small staff as the program goes into operation. Down from the Louisville center, Jim Jordan, Ernie Robinson, Ralph Pettway, Brian Boaz and Harlan Brown have graduated from the program and are evidence of its success. Al Jackson, another program graduate, is working here temporarily and will return to Louisville when the Raleigh program is up and running. These six will serve as role models and mentors to the men who enter the Raleigh program.

Jim Jordan & Ernie Robinson are entrance coordinators to the detox center.

Brian Boaz works as Linen Coordinator for the center.

Chris Budnick has taken on the role of Director of Programs.

Ernie Robinson, a graduate of the Louisville program, will also serve as a role model for the Raleigh men in the program.

Dennis Parnell serves as Executive Director.

Other staff includes Dennis Parnell, Executive Director; Shana Odle, Director of Development; Chris Budnick, Director of Programs; and Lorrie Chapman, Office Manager. Parnell and the other three staff members were hired locally. Former CBC Senior Vice President Fred Barber serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and wife of CBC President Jim Goodmon, Barbara Goodmon serves on the Board as well.

At this time 18 men have entered the Off the Street (OTS) program. These men are in the early stages of the program, their first step towards recovery. Parnell himself is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who was homeless 14 years ago. After

Lorrie Chapman will be the Office Manager for the Healing Place.

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