WILM-TV Inaugurates On Location Live Television Remotes

WILM-TV WILM-TV Inaugurates On Location Live Television Remotes

WILM Eye on WilmingtonThe weekend of January 11th and 12th was a benchmark one for WILM-TV. For more than two dozen times during Saturday and Sunday, WILM Eye on Wilmington was broadcast live from the new Time Warner Cable Store at Westfield Shoppingtown in Wilmington.

Hosted by Stephanie Stone, WILM Eye on Wilmington was conceived as a way to add value for key WILM-TV clients, to enhance the station’s weekend revenue stream and to give WILM-TV an opportunity to “be out in the community.”

With the help of WRAL-TV’s photographer, Richard Adkins, and a WRAL-TV microwave truck, these two days of remote television broadcasts at one of WILM-TV’s major clients were tremendously successful. The programs were broadcast in lengths varying from thirty seconds to four minutes and aired between Noon and 8:00 PM in normal commercial avail slots-several of which were in the playoff game.

on-location shoot
The location shots originated at the Time Warner Cable store.
Stephanie Stone & Richard Adkins
WRAL-TV Chief Photographer Richard Adkins (right) worked with Stephanie Stone on the shoots.

The Time Warner Cable Store is a prototype that is being tested first in Wilmington at the mall. It is a “hands on” store where customers and prospects can demo all of the various products offered by the company such as digital cable and high speed internet as well as pay bills and order additional services. It was WILM-TV’s job to show this high tech store in a favorable manner to Wilmington TV viewers.

According to WILM-TV station manager Constance Knox, “Word has gotten out to our advertisers in Wilmington of this new method of promotion on our station and the prospects are very bright for future weekends on WILM-TV. WILM Eye on Wilmington is a great way to bring our viewers on location and live into stores where business is being done.”

WILM Eye on Wilmington
The spots gave unique attention to Time Warner Cable’s store.
Stephanie Stone
Stephanie Stone anchored the spots.

The week previous to the telecasts, WRAL-TV engineers assisted WILM-TV in fine tuning the microwave receiver and testing it from various parts of Wilmington. Acceptable signals were received from Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, downtown and at various other locales in the area paving the way for WRAL’s use in the future when news crews are covering events in the Port City.

Thanks to Walter Knox for this capcom story & photos.

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