WRAL-FM’s Early Morning Show Crew Appears on “The Guiding Light”

WRAL-FM’s Early Morning Show Crew Goes Daytime

Bill Jordan, Schatzie & Angela Flynn from WRAL-FM’s Early Morning Show got out from behind the microphone and in front of the camera for their 15 minutes of soap opera fame in late March. The trio traveled to the Big Apple with Producer Mike Morse and taped a segment for the CBS daytime drama “The Guiding Light.” The WRAL’ers also stopped by the Museum of Radio & TV in New York to broadcast the Early Morning Show live on Wednesday, March 28.

Angela Flynn checks out the wardrobe room in the Guiding Light studios.

(left to right) Schatzie, Angela Flynn, Bill Jordan & Mike Morse broadcast live from New York.

Bill, Schatzie & Angela’s scenes on “The Guiding Light” will be appearing in the episode this Wednesday, April 18, at 3:00pm on WRAL-TV. Be sure to tune in and find out what role Bill, Schatzie & Angela played in the Springfield saga. WRAL-FM is running a promotion for listeners who watch the broadcast.

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