WILM Hosts Big Brother 3 Auditions

WILM Hosts Big Brother 3 Auditions

WILM-TV held a casting call for the new Big Brother 3 on Monday, April 8th, 2002. Big Brother 3 is slated to hit the CBS airwaves this summer. The producers of Big Brother 3 contacted Constance Knox, Station Manager, a few weeks ago saying they were “looking at the smaller markets” for their new cast. WILM-TV was among approximately 45 other small market stations holding casting calls for the show.

Contestants lined up to audition for Big Brother 3.

CBC’s Wilmington station, WILM-TV, hosted the auditions.

WILM sent out press releases to all of the media and aired a special announcement to attract Wilmington’s best. Among the auditions were of course actors, but to add to the mix were a wide variety of Wilmington residents including retail clerks, rock band members, a South African native (now living in Wilmington) and even a firefighter from a Wilmington fire station.

“We wish all the contestants the best of luck. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that someone from Wilmington makes it into the Big Brother house,” said Knox.

Thanks to WILM-TV Station Manager Connie Knox for this capcom story.

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