South Carolina Little Leaguers Receive $14,000 From Pelicans

South Carolina Little Leaguers Receive $14,000 From Pelicans

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans made major league dreams come true for the approximately 450 girls and boys in the Aynor Area Little League on Thursday, August 2. In a ceremony immediately before the Pelicans took on the Potomac Cannons at Coastal Federal Field, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Youth Diamond Fund (YDF) presented its 2001 season fund to the non-profit organization, a check totaling $14,355.67.

The presentation of the $14,355.67 check took place on the field before the Pelicans game on Thursday, August 2.

YDF Chairman George Cox (center) and YDF Board Member Tab Allen (right) made the presentation to Aynor Area Little League Chairman Steve Thompson.

The Aynor Area Little League plans to use their windfall to put up lights and fencing to turn an old practice field into a game field for Dixie Youth Baseball. The Little League’s field is located on Highway 319 in Aynor.

Each season, the Pelicans raise money for the YDF and present the funds to one non-profit organization for the funding of athletic equipment, development of youth fields, sports-related training and sports-related programs. All projects considered aid the children of Horry County, the Pelicans’ home county. Horry County residents who have a strong interest in youth athletics compose the YDF Board of Directors and select the recipient of the funds each year. The 2000 gift of $13,000 went to Green Sea-Floyds Recreation Department.

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