CBC Brings Datacasting To The Consumer

CBC Brings Datacasting To the Consumer

After years of research, pilot programs and testing, CBC subsidiary DTV Plus‘ datacasting service has become available to the public. WRAL Digital, in partnership with accessDTV, launched TotalCast in Raleigh-Durham on August 22.

TotalCast is a data service that provides fast access to digital content. WRAL Digital’s signal brings high definition television to viewers with receivers in the Triangle viewing area. The bandwidth available in that signal also allows room for a stream of data. TotalCast uses that space to bring its file-based and streaming content directly to home or office computers wirelessly.

The content on TotalCast ranges from video to audio to other multimedia. The service includes, WRAL News On Demand (the latest WRAL newscast divided into news, sports & weather), WRAL Microsite (a compact version of WRAL.com, the station’s website), Total Games (games without the long download time of modems), and Total Shorts (the latest movie and animation short films).

A main advantage of TotalCast is its fast download time. Its data stream constantly travels to your PC, so the information is waiting on your hard drive. The service circumvents slow download times of traditional modems. TotalCast brings datacasting to the consumer.

“TotalCast is the first digital television data broadcast service in the country and reinforces WRAL’s leadership and commitment to serving the local community with news and information,” said DTV Plus Vice President & General Manager Sam Matheny. “Being digital makes TotalCast possible and will open new doors to broadcasters everywhere. I’m delighted that it all starts here.”

TotalCast can be received on PC’s equipped with the accessDTV Digital Media Receiver. These receivers are now on the market and retail at $399.95, not including tax and shipping, with the antenna.

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