Raleigh Mayoral Candidates To Appear on Q&A

Raleigh Mayoral Candidates To Appear on Q&A

WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree will hold a discussion with Raleigh Mayoral candidates Paul Coble and Charles Meeker on his Q&A news program on WRAL-TV on Saturday, October 20, at 7:30pm. Crabtree invited both men to appear, after the announcement that a run-off will be necessary to determine the capital city’s next mayor.

Crabtree will ask both Raleigh Mayoral candidates about their philosophies of growth in Raleigh.

Crabtree’s Q&A will not be a debate between the candidates, but a joint appearance. The three of them will sit at a table and have a discussion of the issues for a half-hour. However, both Coble and Meeker will be allowed to make opening and final statements.

Crabtree will determine the questions for discussion. He plans to ask about major issues such as managed growth in our area,

transportation, education and the Triangle tax base. Program taping will take place on Friday, October 19.

Crabtree has also invited the mayoral candidates for Durham and Fayetteville to appear on Q&A. Programs with these candidates are planned for later this month.

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