WRAL.com Receives Regional Murrow Award

WRAL.com Receives Regional Murrow Award

WRAL-TV won a regional Murrow Award for the online version of its “Teen Driving” series.

The Radio-Television News Directors Association recently awarded WRAL.com with a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in electronic journalism. WRAL-TV won Best News Series for the online version of its stories about teen driving.

RTNDA selected WRAL.com as a recipient of one of 403 awards presented in 13 categories. Award winners were culled from 2,040 regional entries, 70 more than applied last year.

As a regional winner, WRAL.com’s Teen Driving series will automatically be considered for the national awards competition to be judged in early June. National awards will be presented in the fall in New York.

Teen Driving…The WRAL-TV Series
WRAL-TV Executive Producer Jayne Hodak provided capcom with a thumbnail of the series on teen driving.

Inattentive Teen Drivers: We mounted a camera into the cars of two different teen drivers, to see how attentive they were while on the road. Our cameras captured the teens listening to loud music, taking both hands off the wheel to fix their hair, or take off a jacket. One girl almost hit a pedestrian because she was talking to friends instead of paying attention to the road. We then showed the video tape to the drivers’ parents to get their reaction. The reporter on that story was Mark Roberts. The photographer was Richard Adkins.

Lunch Hour Maniacs: Five on Your side videotaped High School Students as they raced the clock, literally, to leave school during lunch. We found teens speeding, driving erractically, and driving through stop signs and stop lights. Monica Laliberte was the Reporter. Robert Meikle the Photographer, and Lori Lair was the Producer.

Teen Victim: Anchor David Crabtree sat down with the parents of a teenage girl who recently died in an auto accident.

BMW Teen Driving Course: BMW has a teen driving course for teenagers they hold down in South Carolina. The course teaches teen drivers how to properly steer and brake, as well as drive through several different weather conditions. We followed a Raleigh teen through the course who had recently been in an auto accident. Anchor Debra Morgan was the reporter.

WRAL.com Executive Producer Julie Moos prepared all of the compiled information for the Website. Access the award winning series online at: http://www.wral.com/News/1029327/index.html

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