FOX50’s Karen Johnson Nominated For Promax Award

FOX50’s Karen Johnson Nominated For Promax Award

Karen Johnson
WRAZ Producer Karen Johnson

FOX50 Producer Karen Johnson has received a nomination for a PROMAX award. Working on an idea from FOX50 Maintenance Engineer John George, Johnson created an advertisement parodying the popular movie The Sixth Sense.

Johnson not only got inspiration from within the station, she got her talent from inside FOX50 as well. Promotion Manager Mark Bradley starred in the “Bruce Willis” role in the commercial, and Paris Williams, son of Sales Assistant Gloria Wright, played the role of the child.

“The spot is an in-house promotion for FOX 50’s 6pm to 7pm comedy line-up,” said Johnson. “Instead of ‘I see dead people,’ the actor says, ‘I see funny people’.”

Johnson described the process of coming up with the commercial: “I searched the Internet for the movie trailer. The next step was to write a script, create a bedroom scene in our studio, track down a strobe light for the lightning effect, find a little boy and convince Mark [Bradley] that he would make the perfect Bruce Willis. After 4 hours of getting the lighting just right and dressing the set, it was time to shoot. I was very impressed with the 2 amateur actors…they pulled it off. Next was editing and finding clips from The Steve Harvey Show, The Wayans Bros., Seinfeld and King of the Hill to match the haunting feel of the spot. Last was adding the sound effects, which consisted of a drone and thunder.”

The award winners will be announced on Thursday, June 27, 2002, at the PROMAX Conference in Los Angeles.

The members of PROMAX work in television, radio and digital media, particularly in the promotion, marketing and design of electronic media. The organization represents more than 4,200 member companies and individuals in over 60 countries.

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