WRAL Website Named Fourth In Nation

WRAL Website Named Fourth In Nation

In a recent study published by Media Audit, WRAL.com came out as one of the top five local television station web sites in the country for 2001. Ranking fourth, WRAL.com attracts 20 percent of the adults in its immediate market.

Media Audit dubbed WRAL.com the Fourth Most Successful Local TV Web Site in the Nation. The ranking is based on adult penetration of the market. Media Audit surveyed 474 sites in 2001, and WRAL.com came in as only one of four to attract 20% of the market or better.

“A few dozen local television web sites are expanding their audience and demonstrating that local TV can succeed on the web,” said Bob Jordan, co-chairman of International Demographics, the research firm that produces The Media Audit.

The most successful TV web sites are MySanAntonio.com and NewsOk.com. The San Antonio site is a joint venture between the newspaper San Antonio Express News and the television station KENS. NewsOk.com, based in Oklahoma City, is run by The Oklahoman newspaper and the CBS affiliate, KWTV. The third ranked site, WISC-TV’s Channel3000.com, is a site run by the Internet Broadcasting System (IBS) in Madison, Wisconsin. IBS also manages WRAL.com.

The Media Audit (TheMediaAudit.com) is a syndicated media ratings service. It covers 85 metro markets, providing both quantitative and qualitative data on media web sites as well as on traditional media. The surveys measure only the response of adults in the metro market that the media outlet serves.

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