CBC & AJFF Help Preserve Raleigh Land For Park

CBC & AJFF Help Preserve Raleigh Land For Park

Benson Kirkman
City Councilman Benson Kirkman (center) took a lead role in the presentation.

Capitol Broadcasting Company and the A.J. Fletcher Foundation have given $5,000 each to the City of Raleigh towards the purchase of a 12-acre tract of land adjoining Lake Johnson Park in southwest Raleigh. CBC VP of Community Affairs Paul Pope and AJFF Executive Director Tom McGuire both attended a sunrise celebration at the park on Monday, November 4, 2002, at which the non-profit organization People For Parks and the City kicked-off a $950,000 fundraising effort.

The funds raised will be used to repay a loan to the California company Trust for Public Land, which stepped in and bought the property from developer Steve Dickson. Dickson had planned to build 88 two- and three-bedroom apartments on the tract. The City of Raleigh stepped in to reserve the land as part of the park.

Paul Pope
CBC’s Paul Pope (left) made a check presentation at the event.
Mayor Meeker & the crowd offer upa toast.
Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker (far left) joined the crowd in a toast to the preservation of the 12-acre tract of land for the Lake Johnson Park.

Friends of Lake Johnson, an affiliate of People for Parks, is heading the charge to raise money.

The Monday morning event celebrated the closing of the Lease-To-Purchase Contract for the 12-acre parcel, which closed on October 21, 2002. The event also kicked-off the fundraising drive to repay the loans that enabled the purchase.

City Councilmen Benson Kirkman and Neal Hunt sponsored the event. Mayor Charles Meeker attended as well. CP&L has also pledged $5,000 towards the repayment of the loan.

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