WRAL-TV Production Team Puts Together HD Nature Film

WRAL-TV Production Team Puts Together HD Nature Film

WRAL-TV Senior Producer Phyllis Parish and Chief Photographer Bob Sadler have captured Ben Casey’s journey down the Neuse River in HD, the next best thing to being there. Casey began his journey from Raleigh to New Bern via the river last September; Parish produced a news story about the commencement of his adventure. Now she and Sadler have expanded that coverage into a feature-length presentation for the WRAL-DT.

Production on “All In One River” wrapped in the beginning of November 2002, and will run on WRAL’s high-definition channel. The station is also in discussion with the North Carolina Museum of Natural History to show the program its WRAL Digital Theatre.

Casey put together a book by the same title “All In One River,” a photographic memoir of his journey via canoe, jon boat, skiff and sail boat.

“I am neither historian nor scientist,” said Casey. “This book is not about Neuse River history or the science of river eco-systems. This is an effort to share the beauty of the river and emotional reactions to that beauty.”

Parish and Sadler have captured the beauty of nature in the avid frames of high-definition, bringing Casey’s book to life on the 16×9 ratio screen.

“All in One River” will air this morning, Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 10:00am on WRAL-DT. The program will run again on WRAL’s digital channel intermittently during November.

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