Survivor Thailand Star Goes on the Air at WRAL-FM

Survivor Thailand Star Goes on the Air at WRAL-FM

Ted Rogers
Ted Rogers, Jr., one of the final five in Survivor Thailand, chatted with viewers on MIX 101.5.

Survivor Thailand‘s Ted Rogers, Jr. stopped by to spend Valentine’s with the morning crew at WRAL-FM. He spent some time chatting on the air with Bill & Sheri in the Morning and answered questions from a few callers.

Rogers currently lives in Durham where he works for IBM as a software developer. His high tech skills took him all the way to the top five on the beach of Thailand where he roughed it and played mental politics with the other fifteen contestants.

“I went into it with no expectations and came out with no expectations,” said Rogers of his newfound and possibly fleeting fame. But he gets the new Chevy Trailblazer after winning an award challenge; he told the MIX staff that he picks up the rig next week.

Ted Rogers & MIX Morning Crew
Survivor’s Ted Rogers, Jr. joined the MIX Morning Crew (l to r), Mike Morse, Sheri Logan, Bill Jordan & Vanna Fox.
Bald Guys
Rogers’ luxury item was a shaving kit…any idea what these three have in common?

Rogers lost 60 lbs during the filming of Survivor Thailand, something impossible to hide from his wife, friends and co-workers when he got home. However, he was legally bound to hide how he and the other survivors had fared in the competition.

“Working at IBM was like Survivor 2,” he joked. “They kept trying to get me to talk.”

After his return to home and work, Rogers picked up where he left off with one new addition. His baby daughter had been born four days before his departure for the South Seas.

Survivor The Amazon, the sixth in the series of the wildly popular CBS reality series, began Thursday, February 13. The men are pitted against the women in tribes that divide the sexes in this latest installment.

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