MIX Gives Away Thousands To Viewers Just For Having a Birthday

MIX Gives Away Thousands To Viewers Just For Having a Birthday

On Friday, January 14, 2003, WRAL-FM’s Bill and Sheri from the MIX Morning Show emptied the last cash drawer from their recent giveaway hit, the Birthday Game. The two have been throwing caution to the wind and giving away huge cash prizes each morning at 7:20am.

The two pulled the rest of the deejays in on the fun with giveaways at 8:20am, some time during three other specified hours during the day. The candles were blown out on the five-week Birthday Game after the grand prize of $20,000 made the wishes of Apex’s Nicole Ridout come true.

Winner Jean Hill with MIX's Bill & Sheri
Jean Hill (center), one of several Birthday Game winners gets a $15,000 check from MIX’s Bill Jordan & Sheri Logan.

How did the game work? Simple. The two announced a randomly selected birthday at 7:20am each morning (month and date only). The correct numbered person who called the station and could verify that birthday as his or her own won increasingly large amounts of cash each week, ranging from $5,000 the first week to $20,000 the last week. Varying smaller amounts of cash and prizes were given away with birthday announcements later in the day.

“You didn’t have to answer trivia, do stupid stunts, or be the 10th nationwide caller,” said MIX 101.5 General Manager Ardie Gregory. “All you had to do is live in our listening area, have a birthday and listen to MIX 101.5”

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