Cupid’s Arrow Misses WRAL But Andy Griffith Makes A Hit

WRAL-TV logo Cupid’s Arrow Misses WRAL But Andy Griffith Makes A Hit

The Andy Griffith ShowWRAL-TV is providing its own answer to reality programming in the wake of the station’s announcement that it will not be airing Simon Cowell’s new date-to-marriage program, Cupid. WILM-TV, WRAL-TV’s sister station in Wilmington, will also pre-empt Cupid. WRAL has pulled prime time programming in days gone by from its vaults and will air classic episodes of The Andy Griffith Show in the Wednesday 10pm time slot.

WRAL decided to refuse the CBS program Cupid because its content demeans and exploits the institution of marriage. The program tempts the final contestant to propose marriage for a one million dollar dowry.

The Andy Griffith Show replacements began showing Wednesday, July 9, 2003, during the debut of Cupid and will continue for the program’s 11-week run.

WRAL is offering their viewers a chance to participate in choosing The Andy Griffith show episodes that will run over the next several weeks via Also, each week a “celebrity” Andy fan will host his or her favorite episodes.

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