CBC Files Motion To Prevent FCC Rulings From Taking Effect

CBC Files Motion To Prevent FCC Rulings From Taking Effect

The Filing:
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Capitol Broadcasting Company filed a stay motion with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday, August 18, 2003, to delay the rules effectiveness until 60 days after this legislative year. CBC filed the motion with a coalition of watchdog groups including the Communications Workers of America, Consumers Union, US Catholic Conference of Bishops and Parents TV Council.

The stay would give both houses of Congress time to examine and vote on legislation “which would suspend enforcement, or overturn” the FCC’s June vote to loosen media ownership rules and other regulations.

“The commission should demonstrate its respect for the large number of members of both Houses of Congress who have unambiguously demonstrated their disapproval of all or part of the 2002 Biennial Review Order,” wrote Media Access Project, attorneys for the group.

CBC and the other members of the filing group requested the stay because otherwise the FCC’s deregulatory ruling will go into effect on Sept. 4. The projected closing date for Congress is now Oct. 3, after which time all bills still pending will expire.

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