FCC Launches Localism Study In Response to Petition Filings

FCC Launches Localism Study In Response to Petition Filings

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Two days after Capitol Broadcasting Company joined with other public interest groups in filing a stay against the Federal Communication Commission’s June ruling to de-regulate the media, FCC Chairman Michael Powell announced the formation of a “Localism Initiative.” At a midday press conference Powell said this new task force will make recommendations to the FCC within a year.

However, local interest groups are calling the action a weak attempt to pacify local broadcasters and other interest groups while the FCC continues to plow ahead and put its June de-regulatory rulings into effect.

“Talking about new rules to protect media localism, particularly when those rules creep into the area of content regulation, is merely an effort to divert attention from badly reasoned and badly written ownership rules that won’t stand up in court,” said Mark Cooker, research director for the Consumer Federation of America.

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