MIX’s Homegrown Mix: Local Radio Station Pays Notice to Local Artists

MIX’s Homegrown Mix: Local Radio Station Pays Notice to Local Artists

Tift Merritt
Local singer/songwriter Tift Merritt inspired MIX to feature others.

This Sunday, October 19, 2003, MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM kicks off a new program to highlight local and regional recording artists. Homegrown MIX will air every 3rd Sunday at 9pm with MIX personality Jim Kelly as host.

Inspiration for the program came from Triangle recording artist Tift Merritt. MIX invited her into its studios one afternoon in April after she testified before the Federal Communications Commission. Merritt told the FCC of her difficulty in getting her own local country music stations to play her music. Although Merritt’s sound does not fall into WRAL-FM’s genre, MIX invited her anyway, to highlight her as a local talent.

After Merritt’s appearance on MIX 101.5, the station decided to become pro-active in helping local and regional artists get airplay and developed the concept for Homegrown MIX. Kelly will interview Merritt during the kick-off program on October 25th.

“It all started with Tift Merritt testifying in front of the FCC about locals bands not getting played on their local radio,” said Kelly. “Mr. Goodmon [CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon] was so taken by Tift’s speech, we had her stop by the MIX for an interview and things have taken off from there. It’s amazing the talent in and around North Carolina…Tift, Clay Aiken, Ryan Adams, Hootie & the Blowfish, Edwin McCain…you are going to hear those artists on the show as well as artists you may never of heard of before. I’m very excited about MIX’s Homegrown MIX…every 3rd Sunday…on MIX 101.5…WRAL-FM.”

If you are an artist or know one MIX should feature, send your/their CD and a one-page bio to:

MIX’s Homegrown Mix
P.O. Box 10100
Raleigh, NC 27605

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