WRAListens Visits Chatham County

WRAL-TV logo WRAListens Visits Chatham County

David Crabtree Pam Saulsby
WRAL-TV Anchors David Crabtree (left) & Pam Saulsby facillitated the Chatham County version of WRAListens.

The WRAListens Tour made its latest stop in Chatham County on Wednesday, August 18, 2004. WRAL staffers joined a select panel of Chatham County residents at the Premiere Motorsports Complex in Pittsboro from noon to 2pm.

WRAL-TV Anchors David Crabtree & Pam Saulsby facilitated the informal town meeting which brought together a diverse panel to discuss local issues.

Members of the panel included Vince Sanabria of the Hispanic Liason Group, Ethel Farrell of the Department of Social Services of Chatham County, planning board volunteer and attorney Jennifer Andrews, as well as representatives for the schools, parks, arts and local business owners.

“Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of WRAL Listens,” said panelist Nikki Murchison, an ESL teacher at Siler City Elementary School. “I enjoyed our time together and our discussion opened my eyes to other issues facing Chatham County. I am a better citizen as a result. Thank you for listening to our voices.”

The WRAListens Tour is a series of town meetings throughout/covering the WRAL viewing area to discuss community issues and how WRAL can address these issues in daily newscasts and public affairs programming.

Each meeting is recorded and edited to air at a later date in the form of a half-hour public affairs program.

The Chatham County meeting is scheduled to air on WRAL-TV Wednesday, September 8, at 7:00pm.

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