For The Children Special “Weighing the Options” To Air

WRAL-TV logo For The Children Special “Weighing the Options” To Air

For The ChildrenWRAL-TV will premiere another of its distinctive For the Children specials on Tuesday, September 7, 2004, at 7pm. “Kelly’s Story: Weighing the Options” takes a unique look at the issue of self-image and healthy weight in teens and children.

The program begins with Kelly’s Story, a drama using local actors in which an overweight teenage girl struggles with body image and self-worth both at home and school. Scenarios from the drama then springboard a discussion for panelists and a studio audience, who weigh the options in dealing with this all too common, and complex problem.

WRAL News Anchor Pam Saulsby and Reporter Kelcey Carlson host the discussion.

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