WILM-TV Takes on a New Look

WILM-TV Takes on a New Look

New WILM logos

New programming and new program times were not the only changes for the fall TV season at WILM-TV in Wilmington. A new slogan and a new logo were added to the station’s promotional arsenal.

“In the past, WILM utilized only a vertical logo, but with the design help of WRAL-TV Creative Services, we now have two ‘looks’ and more promotional flexibility with our new vertical and horizontal logo designs,” said Constance Knox, WILM Station Manager. The station has begun referring to itself as “CBS 10 WILM” and “CBS 10 WILM, Wilmington’s Weather Station”.

Primetime at Dinnertime logoThe station added a network in addition to CBS and is now broadcasting UPN programs as a secondary affiliate Monday through Friday afternoons from 5:00pm to 7:00pm under the banner “PRIMETIME at DINNERTIME”. PRIMETIME at DINNERTIME also received a new logo treatment and is receiving heavy on-air promotion.

To accommodate the new afternoon program schedule, the news at 6:00pm was eliminated and the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather was moved to 7:00pm. Syndicated programs “Pat Croce – Moving In”, “Millionaire” and “Texas Justice” were added during the day.

“Our transition to the new logo and the new programming was helped greatly by our sister stations, WRAL, WRAZ and WJZY who contributed creative effort, time, talent, graphical elements and production services,” said Mrs. Knox. “To change every logo treatment, promo, and station ID almost overnight is a challenge and we appreciated their help in helping us to make this transition,” Knox concluded.

Thanks to WILM’s Constance Knox for this capcom story.

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