Digital Cinema: The l00 Year-Old Distribution Network Beginning to Evolve

Microspace logo Digital Cinema: The l00 Year-Old Distribution Network Beginning to Evolve

by Joe Amor, Vice President and General Manager at Microspace

Often times customers ask me; “What else is Microspace working on?” They know we are working with other customers in their specific industries, such as business television, business music, financial information, file delivery networks and paging. Well, the newest industry we are working with is the movie industry. Hollywood has delivered movie prints on film celluloid for literally 100 years. Could you imagine not changing your product’s distribution methodology for a century? WOW, that is difficult to fathom.

Microspace first researched this industry back in 1998. At that time we determined there were just too many hurdles for the industry to overcome in order to change the way it did business. In early 2002 we revisited that decision and became convinced that it was time to take another look. A new industry was beginning to create itself; digital cinema. Through 2002 and 2003 we spent a great deal of time with Hollywood executives, engineers and technicians. We spent a great deal of time listening to their expressed needs. And we spent a great deal of time formulating a solid technical and business solution that reinforced Microspace’s reputation of the highest quality satellite services.

In 2003 we delivered our first full-length movie into the Digital Cinema Lab, Alien: The Director’s Cut. (The movie was a whole lot scarier than the satellite broadcast.) Within the past few months Microspace broadcast SHREK2 and Collateral to live revenue-producing theatres in North America.

A part of Microspace’s mission statement includes: “Generate a teamwork environment that promotes a WE attitude.” Well, WE are proud of the accomplishments of our staff throughout the organization, to help the soon-to-be digital cinema industry.

So, if you are wondering what else is Microspace working on; we are growing, developing new satellite-based solutions for businesses, and building solid relationships toward the goal of bringing digital cinema to a theatre near you.

Thanks to Microspace’s Greg Hurt & Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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