WRAL Hosts Gubernatorial Debate

WRAL-TV logo WRAL Hosts Gubernatorial Debate

Candidates & Issues On Friday, October 15, 2004, at 7pm, WRAL-TV hosted and aired the final debate of the gubernatorial race. As part of WRAL’s Candidates and Issues Forum, WRAL management worked tirelessly to bring Republican candidate Patrick Ballantine and Democratic Governor Mike Easley together to clarify their stance on issues ranging from fiscal responsibility to improving public schools. WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree served as host and moderator.

The debate almost did not happen. David Crabtree notes, “It took close to two dozen people to make this happen. Once it did, we were all relieved and proud.”

“Looking back, we know the viewers and voters were well served. The candidates provided more clarity on their positions, they were open in their criticisms of each other and even displayed a bit of humor during the hour,” stated Crabtree.

The debate aired on television stations across the state. And, will air again on the WRAL NewsChannel and statewide on WUNC-TV at 8pm on Wednesday, October 26th.

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