WILM Brings Good News Back to Wilmington

WILM Brings Good News Back to Wilmington

WILM brings good news back to Wilmington with their Good Samaritan of the Week project. In September, WILM began a promotion that recognizes people in the community who have gone above and beyond to do a good deed. Viewers were asked to nominate the person they think deserves to be WILM’s Good Samaritan of the Week by logging onto www.wilm-tv.com or by mailing their entry.

Each week, WILM staffers pick the most deserving and award them with a prize package. Salty’s, Wilson’s, Cruiser’s Car Wash, Hair Color Xperts, Pro-Lube and The Cape Fear Museum have partnered with WILM to create these great prize packages. In return for nominating the winner, WILM also gives the nominator a prize. The award is not known to the person, but has come as a nice surprise.

A recent WILM Good Samaritan of the Week was Jay Roberts, a 14 year-old nominated by his mother, Carolyn. Jay was playing golf and as he approached the green, two men stepped out of the woods holding a three foot long copperhead. The snake bit the first man who in turn handed the snake to the other man. The snake then bit the second man. Instead of panicking, Jay called 911 and stayed on the phone until the ambulances arrived.

“I’m so proud of him for being so mature and calm in helping those men and realizing the grave danger they could have been in,” said Jay’s mother.

For Jay’s act of bravery and kindness, he was awarded tickets to The Cape Fear Museum and a gift certificate to Wilson’s. His mother also received a dinner at Salty’s. Jay’s Boy Scout troop will also be recognizing him and giving him an award.

You can check out WILM’s weekly winner at www.wilm-tv.com.

This is a great opportunity for WILM to give back to those who give so much of themselves and prove that good news still exists!

Thanks to WILM’s Cristie Krider for this capcom story & picture.

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