Microspace Receives ActiveLight’s 2005 DGI Award

ActiveLight 2005 Digi AwardsMicrospace and Helius, Inc., the worldwide leader in business class data broadcasting solutions, have been named the recipients of a 2005 DIGI Award in recognition of innovation and excellence in the digital signage industry. The award was presented on March 12, 2005, at NSCA Systems Integration Expo in Orlando for their work on the StagePost/Flagstar Bank digital signage network.

The 2005 DIGI Awards were given to ten outstanding resellers, dealers and integrators of digital signage. This is the first year of the annual awards, presented by ActiveLight, a national distributor of advanced displays, projectors and digital signage solutions, and sponsored by Systems Contractor News and Pioneer.

Helius and Microspace worked with StagePost, a media and marketing firm, to develop a network that delivers real-time marketing, training and corporate communication content to Flagstar Bank locations via satellite. This network consists primarily of Microspace’s VELOCITY® satellite service, Helius MediaWrite®, and Helius MediaGate® routers. This digital signage application capitalizes on “dwell time” – the time a customer is in the store awaiting assistance – at Flagstar Bank locations to showcase the bank’s products and services.

“The Flagstar bank signage system provided by Helius and Microspace is the kind of robust solution for the delivery of information, advertising, entertainment, and training that is making the digital signage industry stand up and take notice. Its provision for passive advertising, customized interactive advertising, and employee training on a single system was well deserving of a DIGI Award,” said David Keene, DIGI Awards Chairman and Executive Editor, Systems Contractor News Magazine.

According to Helius President & CEO, Ron Heinz, “Digital signage continues to be an important and growing market limited only by the imagination. According to Flagstar, they have experienced an increase in sales of more than 25 percent. The financial benefits of such a system speak for themselves.”

Including Keene, the awards were judged by five journalists in the digital signage industry: Darek Johnson, senior technology editor of Signs of the Times; Mark Mayfield, editor of Pro AV; Pete Putman, senior editor of Studio, and Film and Video; and David A. Silverman, editor of Sound & Communications.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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