WRAL’s Scott Mason To Explore Recovered News Footage

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film Entirely by accident, a buried treasure was found at the WRAL-TV transmitter storage site. Long-forgotten historical news footage from nearly 40 years ago sat waiting to be rediscovered.

Using the film, facts from historians, and the words of those who experienced them first-hand, North Carolina Reporter of the Year Scott Mason will revisit important moments in North Carolina history including President Kennedy’s 1961 visit and local civil rights protests.

“The film alone is fascinating,” said Mason. “But equally compelling is the passion of the people we interviewed about this lost footage. They are people who lived those events 45 years ago and historians who until now have seen only still pictures of those historic moments. These flickering black-and-white images bring those times to life and cast a lasting impression about the importance of preserving the past.”

The series began airing on Thursday, April 28th, and will continue each Thursday in WRAL’s 6pm News through May 19th.

POSTED: May 5, 2005

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