‘Major’ The CCB/SunTrust Bull Moves To DBAP

Durham Bulls logo

Monumental Gift to Citizens of Durham to Spend Summer ’05 with the Bulls

Major, a bronze bull weighing 2000 lbs, is temporary greeting fans at the DBAP.

There is a new bull in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, but not one that will help win any ball games. “Major,” a gift to the citizens of Durham from CCB/SunTrust Bank, is a 13 ft. long, 6 ft. tall bronze bull weighing 2000 lbs,and will be spending the remainder of the 2005 baseball season with the Durham Bulls.

Major was made possible by a generous gift from Central Carolina Bank (now SunTrust). This monumental tribute to the spirit and heritage of Durham represents CCB/SunTrust’s enduring legacy of serving the community and supporting the arts. Major was designed, sculpted, cast in bronze and fabricated by Liberty Arts’ artists Michael Waller and Leah Foushee. All aspects of this process were performed at Liberty Arts’ studio and casting facility in the George Watts Hill Pavilion for the Arts in Durham.

Major & Wool E. Bull
Wool E. Bull makes sure to win Major as a friend right away.
CCB (now SunTrust) gifted this bronze sculpture to Durham, the Bull City.
Major Poster
View the poster of “Major” the CCB/SunTrust Bull
(PDF 1.4MB)

Major will reside permanently in the CCB Plaza currently under construction in the Durham City Center. Until Major arrives at his permanent home sometime in late 2005 or early 2006, he will be traveling to various public spaces throughout Durham. The Durham Bulls, through the courtesy of the Capitol Broadcasting Company, have generously offered to host Major during the 2005 baseball season. By bringing Major to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, this new Durham landmark may be enjoyed by the thousands of citizens and visitors attending games at DBAP this summer.

About Liberty Arts Inc…
Liberty Arts Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation based in Durham. The mission of Liberty Arts is to transform our region through art. Liberty Arts enables local artists to cast their works in bronze and other materials. By enabling creation and casting of durable works of sculpture, Liberty Arts envisions the Triangle as a place where all citizens can benefit from an environment made more pleasing with excellent art and design. Donations to Liberty Arts are 100% tax deductible, and may be sent to:

Liberty Arts Annual Fund
538 Foster St .
Durham , NC 27701

For more information regarding Liberty Arts Inc., Major the CCB/SunTrust Bull, or to suggest a location for Major’s traveling tour, please contact Mark Kust at Liberty Arts Inc., (919) 682-2674, or libertyarts@verizon.net

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story
& to CS’ George Habel for these capcom photos.

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