Cash Cow Delivers News to FOX 50 Viewers


FOX 50’s lovable Cash Cow is now offering a FOX 50 exclusive e-letter chock-full-o-insider offers and articles: 
the MemMoo

FOX 50 MemMooThe MemMoo fits my style:

  • I don’t like waiting in line. 
  • I don’t like sitting in traffic. 
  • And I don’t like spam.

I do like:

  • Awesome free stuff. 
  • Being the first to know. 
  • And I like how Dr. House just cuts through the crap.
  • Getting everything I want in just one place, and I like it delivered to me directly. MemMoo

  • Once a month.
  • Show news. 
  • Sports news.
  • Event news.
  • Freebies.
  • Contests.
  • Coupons.

Just log on to and click the “win free stuff” link.

Which, oh yeah, brings me to. . .FOX 50’s got cool stuff

With hit shows like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The O.C., 24, Arrested Development and House, you can imagine how our coveted and highly top-secret “prize closet” is overflowing with some pretty awesome toys!

Which we’re giving away.

Sign up for the FOX 50 MemMoo and you might be one of our weekly prize winners.

Just for getting everything you want in just one place,

Thanks to FOX 50’s Christine Van Cott for this capcom story.

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