Calling All Football Fans


Calling All Football Fans
FOX 50 Freebies Kicks Off New Contest

FANatic logo Armchair quarterbacks and office pool junkies:

Need more bragging rights? Looking for something to do on your lunch hour? Wanna beat your friends without leaving the comfort of your climate-controlled, florescent-lit office cubicle?

We like to play online too –

Click on over to right now.  We’re offering (insert deep reverby voice here)’s Fanatic Football.  It’s free, easy, and fun to play.  Pick the winning team of each week’s regular season NFL games.  That’s it.  Weekly prizes.  Weekly bragging rights.  Invite all your friends.  Free.

Oh, and did I mention that the grand prize is tickets to the biggest sporting event of the year?  That’s right, tickets to the game you’ll tell your grandkids about, the once-a-year-even-anti-football-fans-watch-it-on-TV game.

Let me say that again. 

Umm. . .tickets to the Super Bowl.  Wow, that sounded nice.  Thanks FOX 50.

(FOX 50 is not condoning office misconduct.  Please conduct personal Internet games on your own time and at your own risk.)  (But it can’t be worse than using the office copier to photocopy the pool grid, though, right?)

Thanks to FOX 50’s Christine Van Cott for this capcom story.

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