Assignment Editor Pens WRAL’s Gulf Coast Diary

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Assignment Editor Pens WRAL’s Gulf Coast Diary
WRAL News Teams Cover Local Ties To Katrina

Brad Grantham
WRAL-TV Assignment Editor Brad Grantham

As the Gulf Coast cities and towns begin the process of digging out of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina, WRAL-TV Assignment Editor Brad Grantham is giving visitors a first hand view of the disaster. Grantham is part of a reporting team from WRAL who has been bringing news from the devastated region during the rescue, search and recovery operations.

WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb, News Photographer Ed Wilson & SNG Engineer Brian Pittman are working as a team to cover local groups from North Carolina who are helping in the recovery effort. Grantham is driving an RV that has become a traveling news bureau/hotel/restaurant for the crew. They began their tour by first stopping in Meridan, Mississippi, to talk with some doctors and nurses from Duke who are working at an emergency hospital.

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“This story goes way beyond the gulf coast, lots of people from our area are aiding in the recovery,” WRAL News Director Rick Gall explained. “We are telling stories about the local groups, and give our viewers the stories of the survivors.”

Both Grantham and Wilson have been personally affected by the storm. Both have families in Katrina’s path. The men weren’t able to contact their loved ones for several days after the storm hit but have since found out that everyone is okay.

More WRAL Katrina Coverage
In addition to the CBC/WRAL Katrina Relief fundraising efforts, WRAL sent a number of news folks to the area. Besides Grantham and his team, WRAL sent Anchor/Reporter Cullen Browder, News Photographer Keith Baker and Chief Photographer Richard Adkins with the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg. They traveled to the airport outside of New Orleans. The team covered the 82nd troops who are doing search and rescue in the city of New Orleans. As embedded newscasters, the army provided food and lodging for this crew. They slept on the floor of a hanger at the airport.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story.

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