Microspace Mentioned in Kiosk Article

Microspace logo Microspace Mentioned in Kiosk Article

Multichannel Merchant logo As the world’s leading provider of satellite services for video, data and audio content distribution, Microspace is a leader in its field. Consequently, Microspace staffers are frequently questioned as experts in their field as well.

Recently Karen Kroll at Multichannel Merchant interviewed MCC VP of Sales & Marketing Greg Hurt for her article “Better selling through kiosks.” She included a quote from Hurt about satellite transmission.

“Satellite is another option for transmitting content from corporate offices to store kiosks. Satellite connections offer a fixed monthly cost for a specified amount of bandwidth, no matter how many locations you send content to,” says Greg Hurt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Microspace Communications Corp., a Raleigh, NC-based satellite services provider. “Satellite connections typically become cost-effective for companies with at least 50 locations, although that varies based on the type of content and the frequency with which it’s updated.”

Read the full text of the article, published in December 2005.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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